Solar Panels
How solar photovoltaic panels work

Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels activate in light, not direct sun. The stronger the light, the more electricity is generated.

Solar PV panels produce 12 volt DC, which is then converted to 240 volt AC through an invertor (usually installed in the loft space). From the inverter, the electricity flows through a meter to your consumer unit, and connects to the electrical system in your home.

This solar energy powers your home and is no different to power from the national grid, except that it is free and is always used first. If it’s night time or there is not enough power from your panels, then the system switches to the national grid, keeping everything working smoothly. The electricity produced by the PV system is free of charge (during daylight - you can’t store the energy).

If you aren’t using all your power, the electricity flows from your panels into the national grid so it can be used elsewhere. And because it’s ‘clean’ energy, it’s great for the environment.

The solar panels will generate from sunrise to sunset meaning that at the height of the British Summer you could get around 17 hours of free electricity every day. Our solar panels also work well in the winter even when the days are shortest. As soon as day breaks, the light is absorbed by the panels and they immediately start to generate electricity. The only thing that can inhibit the output from our panels is a snowfall blocking the light.

Technical stuff

  • Each panel measures 1.7m x 0.8m, and weighs about 15kg.
  • The maximum output of each panel is 235 watts.
  • Each panel is made from layers of semi-conducting material – usually silicon.
  • A 3kw system is the average size installed, made up of 12 panels.
  • A 3kw system could save 40%-60% of electricity (based on a 3 bedroom semi detached property).
  • The system is installed on south facing pitch roofs - around 30sqm in size.
  • Solar PV panels come in a variety of shapes and colours.
  • The mounting brackets slip underneath the tiles - there is no risk to the integrity or waterproofing of the roof.
  • The systems are mounted on aluminium racks which are mounted on the roofing joists. No tiles are permanently removed for the installation.
  • The output has a 25 year manufacturer guarantee and the panels are covered by product liability insurance.
  • Our solar panels are encapsulated in both toughened glass on exposed areas and a weatherproof resistant polymer on the underside.
  • All modules are certified by the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme and are MCS accredited.
  • All electrical work is carried out by a qualified Electrician and is Part P Certified.